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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time is needed to complete the balancing of the body posture?

That depends on the seriousness of the imbalance, on age, on the general state of physical health, and on the compenasation which has been created over the years. Therefore balancing can last for between a year in simpler cases and ten years in more complicated cases. In between a balancing can last for two or three years. For example, an athlete, who already enjoys an upright posture and a responsive body, can have improvements to both posture and performance much faster. On the other hand someone with scoliosis with a curvature of 15° to 20° can take as much as four years.

Why the method create a space between the teeth ( between molars and premolars)?

The skull rests on the jaw. The ‘Rectifier’ acts as a pivot and by its thickness makes the jaw work like a lever. As a result the skull is pushed into an ideal physiological postural position, stretching the spine as a consequence. This means that the skull changes its slope in relation to the jaw and is raised in the premolar and molar zones to an extent proportional to the non-extrusion of these teeth. The lack of dental height is caused by the non-extrusion or sinking of the molar and premolar teeth. The space which is created between the dental arcs is in proportion to the dental height which is lacking in the individual mouth.

At the end of the process how do I supply the space between the teeth?

At the end of the balancing the space between the teeth can be supplied by a number of different techniques. A (removable) ‘splint’ can be made which reproduces the teeth or other dental prosthetics are used which can be both fixed and removable. This is work which can only be completed by a dentist, and so it is necessary to go back to him.

Do I always need to wear the Rectifier?

During the balancing the Rectifier must always be worn. It can be removed for brief periods (to brush the teeth, to rest the jaw). In general it should not be removed for more than one hour per day.

Once the space is created between the teeth how can I manage to eat?

When the space has been created between the teeth it will be necessary to use the Rectifier or have a special one made for chewing.

I miss all my molars can I adopt this method?

To adopt this method is better to have all your molars. If you have only the third molar (wisdom tooth) or the second and you miss the first molar you can create a bridge between your teeth. So you can create your Rectifier as well.  Otherwise if you have no molars you can fill the empty space with some resin (The resin will touch the gum). But in this case your Rectifier must cover all your teeth on the lower arch. In this case you have to find a dental technician able to create this kind of dental splint. You can see an example here:

Does the rectifier clip or glue into place? I am just imagining how I will talk and eat?

The Rectifier is a removable appliance and it does not glue on the lower arch teeth. It clips into place.

If the method does not create any space between your teeth you can eat without the Rectifier, otherwise if the method create some space you will need to eat with the Rectifier. It depends only on your situation.

In the first two weeks you will have some problems to speak (at the beginning you will talk like Donald Duck). After two weeks you will talk perfectly.

Is the Rectifier visible when talking to others?

If someone pay attention at your mouth the Rectifier can be visibile. But in general people do not see the Rectifier.

What's the difference between a dental splint and the Rectifier?

The Rectifier is a dental splint with our modification. It’s different from common dental splint because we apply our method on it.

Who make the Rectifier?

We will build a normal splint for you then we will teach you how to adjust the dental splint. By this way you will have the Rectifier.

Can I play sport during the Balancing?

It depends on your situation. Some people play sport (swimming, body building…), but other people cannot play any sport. You will understand that by yourself. If you feel often tired then it’s better you do not play any sport.

I have all of my wisdom teeth pulled. Could the Starecta Rectifier still work for me?

Yes of course, Starecta doesn’t need wisdom teeth to work properly.

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