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13 Mar


Did you know that erection can be improved with a dental bite called Rectifier?

13 March 2018 | By |

With Rectifier you will have more powerful erections that last longer, due to this innovative device that actually balances your whole posture bio-mechanically, thanks to the molar lever. Thus improving the breathing capacity and the motility of the lower back, the body will free itself from all its constraints in order to give you a stronger boost, during the sexual act!

It may have happened to you many times, that during the sexual act your body did not work properly, you got tired sooner than expected, or maybe you simply did not push as hard as you would have liked to, for various reasons—maybe even because of back pain, shoulders pain or neck pain, or because of other postural problems that did not allow your blood to properly pump into your innocent penis.

A good shag—that sweeps your partner off their feet, requires a lot of physical and mental energy. Of course, there are many types of sex: the sweet, the sentimental, the tantric, the slow and intense, by the candlelights. But our concern is now that doggy style fuck, with a slap on the ass, which requires strength, vigor and resistance. In order to have this type of sexual performance you really need a body that works well, that is able to breathe freely, which is free from back pain and also maintains a beautiful erection for a wide time frame that is SATISFACTORY FOR BOTH PARTIES INVOLVED!

But let’s go into more detail so you can understand better why your woman ended up disappointed too many times, and you ended up feeling a nullity, as a man.

The moment you initiate a sexual intercourse, all the muscles in your body are practically activated, especially the muscles in the abdominal area, in the lower back area and the buttocks area; practically, all the pelvis area and every muscle that is connected to it. This continuous movement of charge and discharge must be fluid, free from pains and constrictions and must occur completely natural, in order to let all the energy flow freely from head to toes, directly flowing through the lower abdomen.

In the charging phase, the pelvis retracts, arching the lumbar area and lifting the buttocks upwards. On the other hand, during the discharge phase, the buttocks and the abdomen contract more, in order to achieve a powerful penetration. The spine is arched repeatedly to allow the whole to be as elastic and fluid as possible. Consequently, unloading the muscular strength in a well balanced manner, over the whole spine, is essential during each phase  of charging and discharging this huge sexual energy.

Therefore, a correct posture is essential in order to have a satisfying sexual act.
Besides posture, there is another fundamental aspect:the breathing. It is important to have a good expansion capacity for the rib cage, that can help you develop more energy and increase the intensity throughout the entire duration of the sexual act.

In real life, also the breathing is related to the correct posture: correct posture and breathing are closely linked to one another, in the same way as they are connected also to a long hormonal discourse. A correct and well balanced posture, help devoiding a series of health issues, like kyphosis, scoliosis and lordosis, while it allows the rib cage to freely store a larger quantity of oxygen, when needed.

Now, imagine an instrument that, due to the activation of the mandibular lever, can balance your whole body and improve the posture of the spine in such a way that you can then discharge the energy correctly throughout your every bodypoint.

This instrument is a dental bite called Rectifier that makes the jaw work like a lever, able to push the skull up and back, thus stretching and straightening the whole spine. That instant, when the spine is stretched and the muscular force is distributed symmetrically in both the body’s hemispheres, the ribcage will also be able to better expand and contract. In short, the body will benefit from it, the Rectifier, hollistically.

Our body, as a continuously expanding and contracting living organism will definitely start working better as soon as you provide a balanced and correct posture to it.
Here is the testimony of two persons, whose identity will not be revealed for confidentiality reasons.They have sent us very nice emails.

The first testimony is from a woman living in the United States, who wrote us a message to say ‚thank you’, because her husband’s desire for her is now so vivit and overwhelming. The email says: ‚Thank you, everyone at Starecta, when my husband first told me about this product I was very skeptical, I did not believe that an object that he would put in his mouth could actually straighten his back. But now, I actually see how he holds his back more straight,  and his shoulders are more relaxed.

Besides, there is another powerful beneficial effect, from the sexual point of view. My husband is so much more into wanting me and he actually manages to keep very long erections, which gives me great pleasures, of course. Our sex life has improved a lot. Furthermore, after an orgasm, he recharges much faster, as in—he immediately wants to start making love again! You turned my husband into a bull. I’m so pleased to see him happy and satisfied. Thank you’.

The second testimony is from a guy who lives in Europe, and the email goes like this: ” This product is incredible! Besides all the beneficial effects it has on the posture that I had read about on the website and in the various articles, where the effect of the jaw lever that pushes the skull in an ideal position by stretching the spine is explained, I noticed also another very nice bilateral effect: my cock is harder than ever. I feel more active, as if my entire metabolism was more active! I feel that the blood flows better in my lower abdomen area, and I feel a lot of energy down my back. Also my girlfriend is very happy, and we actually ordered another Rectifier, for her to use, too. I find this product amazing, although it took me a few days to get used to it. At first it wasn’t easy to hold the Rectifier in my mouth, but then, since I got used to it, I don’t even take it off when I go to sleep, because it actually helps me breathe better. I also heard about an older version of the Rectifier that was customizable for ones teeth and I’d like to try it; how could I do that? Thanks again for everything.”

In addition to these testimonies, we have another incredible testimony from Simone Sincini, a veteran user of the Rectifier, who has scientifically demonstrated the power of this instrument, by means of medical tests and exams. In practice, thanks to the effect of the mandibular lever that pushed the skull upward, it unlocked the pituitary gland. By unblocking this gland, which is located at the base of the brain, it was possible to restart the production of the gonadotropins, specifically the precursor hormones of testosterone. Plus, besides improving his posture, he has also improved his hormonal and neurovegetative system.

Some of his photos are presented below.

Written by Moreno Conte


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