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14 Mar


How does the Postural Inputs Spread from the Occlusion to the rest of the Body

14 March 2019 | By |

In this report you will understand how the postural inputs are transmitted from the occlusion to the rest of the body, and how this principle is used by Starecta to correct structural asymmetries. Read More

08 Feb


Am I a good candidate to use Starecta’s Rectifier?

8 February 2019 | By |

This article aimed at all those who have doubts whether or not to buy Starecta’s Rectifier. I often receive questions like: “I have this kind of asymmetry, can I use the Rectifier?” or: “I have this postural problem, does the Rectifier work in my case?”. In this article I will answer to all this questions. Read More

18 Jan


How to Deal with the space between the molars after you have finished with Starecta?

18 January 2019 | By |

In this report, I will deal with the thorny issue of the after-Starecta. A lot of people do not start Starecta because they do not know how to deal with the issue of the space between the teeth.

First of all, let us explain what happens when you start the Starecta process. Starecta plans to enter a dental device in your mouth, called Rectifier. The Rectifier, added to a specific method, allows the body to resettle, balance and symmetricise within a few years. All asymmetry-related pain disappear in the first few weeks and after a while, the body resettles, within the limits of possible (if the bones are asymmetric it is not possible to be extended, but muscular asymmetries can be corrected).

Read More

26 Nov


Do you want to see these results too? Ask for the Rectifier!

26 November 2018 | By |

On the Starecta website and on our YouTube channel you have found numerous testimonies and photos of people who have radically changed their health condition both from the aesthetic point of view and daily wellness. Kyphosis and Lordosis straightened like never before, more symmetrical faces, chronic pain that did not go away with medicines, disappeared. All this happened thanks to an extraordinary product that works on the postural biomechanism of the human body. If you see yourself in the testimonies and photos of these people, I have good news for you: these people have not achieved these results by spending much money, but they have bought a tool that lets the body work in symmetry, restoring the correct relationship between the skull and mandibula. This tool is the Rectifier! Read More

28 Oct


Buy the “Rectifier”! The tool to reach body symmetry

28 October 2018 | By |

If you feel like a loser, as I felt, that I tried, with no result, any kind of sport, discipline or manipulation to improve my bad posture, it is time for you to wake up and read this article.

Of course I don’t think you are a loser, anything… I wrote it just to get your attention, for your own good. Read More

22 Oct


Is Starecta useless? Can I go directly to the dentist and lift my dental height?

22 October 2018 | By |

In this report I will explain to you why you can not go to the dentist and get you to lift your teeth in half a day, because a long and complex process is needed.

Sometimes, rarely, fortunately, someone comes to ask us if instead of starting the Starecta process it is possible to go to the dentist and lift the dental height in one shot. Read More

08 Oct


How do I know that my problems depend on lack of dental height?

8 October 2018 | By |

Many people asked me how do they know if their postural problems depend on problems of dental height or there can be other causes. How is it possible to know that this problems can not depend on other factors?

Well, there are three way to know it: Read More

16 Jul


Cosmetic sugery or Starecta: which is better to correct facial asymmetry?

16 July 2018 | By |

In this report, I explain to you why Starecta is more effective than cosmetic surgery to correct facial asymmetries.

Many people ask me if Starecta is effective to make their face symmetrical. I answer to them that the Starecta Rectifier is, at present, the best tool for improving the symmetry of the face and the body. There are no better ones in the world. Read More

12 Jul


Back, shoulder and neck pain when I ride my bike: here is how I solved it!

12 July 2018 | By |

Here how I solved back, shoulder and neck pain (cervical arthritis) caused by heavy helmet and uncomfortable driving position when I ride my Supersport bike.

Usually for those who have Enduro bikes this problem does not exist, since the driving position is comfortable because the back is in a straight position. On the other hand, it is possible that someone, no longer bearing the pain in the back, shoulders, neck and wrists caused by his old Naked or Supersport bike, either switched to an Enduro bike or even a scooter. Read More

01 Jun


Rectifier: the only dental-bite that balances the posture of face and body! Hard approach vs soft approach?

1 June 2018 | By |

There are many types of splints and dental bites in circulation that are used and erroneously passed off for being able to fix many different problems: nocturnal teeth gnashing, improve breathing, bites against backache, anti-stress bites, bites that improve sport performances, mouthguards, bites that improve posture etc. etc. In fact, the only dental-bite able to fix all the problems listed above is Rectifier Starecta because it has been manufactured with such features that are able to activate the mandibular leverage that pushes the skull into an ideal position and stretches the spine. In addition to that it is able to act on facial symmetry thanks to the creation of a symmetrical occlusal signal. The rectifier can be used with a Hard approach (worn all the time) or with a Soft approach (worn for few hours a day) when needed. We will try to properly understand what it is all about and which are the differences between HARD APPROACH and SOFT APPROACH. Read More

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