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27 Apr


Human Evolution Only Depend Upon the Development of Molars

27 April 2018 | By |

Thanks to Moreno Conte we have understood new concepts of human anatomy. These concepts have been thoroughly discussed in the book “How I finally strengthened my spine” and  the article “Body Posture Depends on Teeth“. Thanks to Conte we have understood why a body may collapse, how does it sustain itself and how to let it come back in symmetry. Read More

24 May


Who Defame Starecta

24 May 2015 | By |


Reading this report you will discover how Starecta was born. You will find out the origins of Starecta and why it has so many enemies inspired by a character who tries in every way to create divisions among people.

We decided to explain again how Starecta was born, even though we had already spoken about in the Press Kit and the first part of the book: “How I straightened up my spine.” But unfortunately, in the face of slander, you are forced to repeat things, just as you do with children. Read More

03 Nov


Why was the Starecta Method developed in Italy?

3 November 2013 | By |


But why was the method discovered in Italy and not in other countries, even those that are more developed from a medical-scientific point of view? Italy is a country with a good medical tradition and a national health system, but it doesn’t have a very high standard from the point of view of scientific research. Instead there are countries that have excellent credentials that might help them to discover something of this sort. However, this discovery was made in small, provincial Italy. How come?

Read More

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