We will build a tailored Rectifier for your mouth and your imbalance


First Meet Up in a histroical Café in Naples

Morning: free time

Afternoon: Meet up to talk about your issues and what you want to achieve with Starecta.

We will meet for a meetup and a coffee in a historical location of Naples. You will tell us what your problem is and you will describe your symptoms. Then we will go to our laboratory to start the Starecta process.


Wearing the Starecta Rectifier

Morning: free time

Afternoon: Activation of the Starecta Rectifier and testing

Duration: 3 hours

You will put the Starecta splint, and we will test it. We will explain to you how to adjust it and activate it.


Postural Analysis with our Posturologist

Morning: Walking around the city to test your Rectifier

Afternoon: Postural Analysis

Duration: 2 hours

Why it is Important?

We will see how the Rectifier is impacting on your body

You have to wear the Rectifier walking around the downtown. It’s essential that you tell us if you feel better or not. In the afternoon we will meet for a postural analysis with the official Starecta posturologist. We will check the Rectifier activation.

Massage Therapy to help your Rectifier

Postural massage and new activation check. Our posturologist will teach you some exercises to speed up the Rectifier effects.

Morning: free time

Afternoon: Postural and Therapy Massage

Duration: 2 hours

Why is it Important?

Massage therapy will help your Rectifier to unblock your body



Thermal Therapy to speed up the Rectifier effects

Morning: free time

Afternoon: Postural and Therapy Massage.

Duration: 5 hours

Why it is Important?

Thermal therapy will speed up your Rectifier benefits.

We will bring you to thermal therapy to relax muscles and check its interaction with the Rectifier. We will perform the last check before let you go.

What you need to know:

- We will give you all the information you need (how to adjust the Rectifier)

- We will build a Rectifier tailored for your dental arches.

- Once here we will provide you with all the material you need when you go back to your country.

- After five days we will give you lifetime support into our Starecta Academy Online.

- You have to book a room in a hotel (we can suggest you a Bread and Breakfast very convenient near the sea, the downtown, and connected to our laboratory with a urban-train) You can see it here: CHECK HERE

The price of the program is 1500$. You can pay before or once in Italy (Cash, Paypal or Bank Transfer). It does not include air ticket and accomodation.

What our customers say:

To get a tailored Rectifier and be followed by our posturologist leave your details.

You can contact us on WhatsApp at +39 333 29 78 869