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08 Feb


Am I a good candidate to use Starecta’s Rectifier?

8 February 2019 | By |

This article aimed at all those who have doubts whether or not to buy Starecta’s Rectifier. I often receive questions like: “I have this kind of asymmetry, can I use the Rectifier?” or: “I have this postural problem, does the Rectifier work in my case?”. In this article I will answer to all this questions.

We often get e-mails from people who have concerns or doubts about the purchase of the Rectifier. They don’t know if the Rectifier actually works in their case.

Well, the first thing I want to say with absolute firmness is that all human beings need a Rectifier, except rare cases of lucky people who are already born with a good cranial mandibular connection (and thus already balanced).

Just think of athletes such as Messi or Bradley Cooper. They also are unbalanced and with important health issues that are not diagnosed by doctors. This phenomenon is very popular in the world, although only very few people are aware of it.

It has been 2.5 million years since the evolution of human species started. Our posture has evolved over these years, but we must not think that we have already arrived at the finish line. We are indeed human beings in evolution and our posture is not yet suitable for living a good life and with no health issues.

The Rectifier therefore becomes a fundamental tool that acts in order to balance the cranial mandibular connection and consequently resolve problems of facial and postural asymmetry.

The Rectifier works within the postural cranio mandibular system to make us stand straight. It’s like a human being, instead of waiting million years of evolution, resets the time wearing the Rectifier! The Rectifier is a real postural revolution.

In which cases is the Rectifier worn with some attentions?

  • If you wear a permanent or a semi-permanent braces you can use the Rectifier only with soft approach
  • If you have less than 6 or 7 teeth in premolar and molar area, between the upper and the lower arch, you should know that the Rectifier might not be enough to compensate for the lack of teeth.

For the remaining people, everyone should have a Rectifier ready on the fly to feel more straight, even by using it only few hours a day.

For those who are afraid of losing money, you should not worry because Starecta offers reimbursement in the case of unsatisfied customers. Furthermore, there is a wide community to support those who have already bought it.

Anyone who buys the Rectifier joins the big family with people who have understood the importance of being balanced.
For any further questions, there is the FAQ


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