Success Case #5: Ilaria Fiorelli

Year of Birth: 1986

Diagnosis: Non Identified Malocclusion

Symptoms: headaches, neuralgia, eye problems, conjunctivitis, nasal breathing problems, toothache, skin problems of eczematous origin, tachycardia, back pain, hiatal hernia, dyspepsia, knee pain, tingling, recurrent herpes, bleeding from the nose, eyes converging, flat feet, intestinal problems, circulatory problems and cold feeling along the body (especially on my feet).

Postural Balancing Duration:  2 years 


Today I am another person; I finally feel good both emotionally and physically.




From Hell to Heaven

Hi, my name is Ilaria, I'm 28 years old and I want to tell you my story. I was 17 years old when one day I woke up in pain and began to suffer hell. Since that moment my ordeal begun and many other very painful awakenings followed. Initially I started waking up with excruciating pain and a stiff neck that I could not even move. 

 At that time I was feeling weak and was spending lot of time in bed. With time these problems increased: I started to have severe headaches, dizziness and depression problems.

Going forward things got worse and worse. The simple act of standing caused me headaches (24 hours a day), neuralgia, eye problems, conjunctivitis, nasal breathing problems (I was feeling like my nose was always closed), toothache, skin problems of eczematous origin, tachycardia, back pain, hiatal hernia, dyspepsia, knee pain, tingling everywhere, recurrent herpes, bleeding from the nose, eyes converging, flat feet, intestinal problems, circulatory problems and cold feeling along the body (especially on my feet).

I could not even open my mouth that my jaw was getting locked. I could not swallow and was also doing a huge effort just by standing up. I also had to stop all work activities. But above all, my feet were those causing me more pain. They were always flushing and my heels were always burning. 

I could not walk and make a living like all healthy people; I did not even have the strength to open a bottle. Also I was getting often sick and had gynecological and hormonal problems so much that I was often suffering of amenorrhea. I was afraid of having a bad autoimmune disease, and then I did several tests (Waaler Rose, Reumatest). I visited several doctors. 

The rheumatologist prescribed me Xanax and Fans. But Xanax was putting me into dotage and was not solving anything, so I tried muscle relaxants that did not bring me any benefit anyway. Later I went to the cardiologist who diagnosed me hypotension and sinus tachycardia. So I had x-rays and a cervical and pelvis MRI. But there was nothing significant: only a cervical lordosis and a few millimetres pelvis asymmetry.

However I was told that there was nothing to worry about because all human beings were somehow asymmetrical, so they sent me to a psychologist saying that my problems were a consequence of the somatisation of my anxiety.

Eventually even my visits to a psychologist proved useless (literally money down the drain) exactly like the ones used for the orthopedist, the physical therapist, the neurologist and the osteopath.

Then one day a family doctor told me that all these problems could probably depend on a dental malocclusion.

Since then I began to wander along all Italy in search for dentists (including famous gnatologi, and maxillofacial surgeons). I even thought about going through orthognatic surgery. Then I started to spend thousands of euros for orthodontic work and very expensive dental bites. At the end of all this, when I was 26 and after all this money spent, the only thing that I had solved was my headache (thanks to a dentist’s bite). 

It was not a great result!

I was desperate and I began to browse around some sites and forums on the web. I found a new method to balance the body. Initially I thought that it was another useless therapy aimed to steal money to the hopeless. 

But since I had tried everything it was worth trying this as well. I had the splint built and immediately I had real improvements and I began to feel sensations that I had never experienced before in my life. I was making adjustments to the splint every 2 weeks. 

I bought resin and drill. Already in the first few months I could safely say that the new method was working very well. But I still had back pain. Also I was becoming obsessive with the changes to the splint. I kept adding more and more resin; in fact I was not using the drill much. I was concentrating on raising the rear part to improve the contact feeling. Friends and family thought I was crazy. 

I was spending hours trying to figure out how the splint was working and above all I was trying to listen to my body. I became obsessed with symmetry and was watching every detail of my face: the higher eye, the lips line, the shorter leg ... I have done many experiments until I realized I had to raise the molars and that these had to touch perfectly with the top ones. 

In fact I had an asymmetric dental semi arch. Eventually, only raising the splint I started to feel good. In fact my short side was the right one, so I started to raise more in that area centering my chin and moving the jaw on the opposite side. 

It was very difficult due to the nature of my teeth that are very short and so I was forced to create a big thickness. I began to see substantial improvements after 6 months. I noticed with surprise that the head and pelvis twist were significantly reduced.

As time was going by, even the pain in the morning would go down and I could get out of bed without problems. How nice! Aside from the surprise, hormones had started to work well, the skin turned more beautiful and brighter. Since then I haven’t had any nose bleeding and all the eczema that I was having in the mandible zone disappeared. 

Today I am another person; I finally feel good both emotionally and physically.