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14 Mar


How does the Postural Inputs Spread from the Occlusion to the rest of the Body

14 March 2019 | By |

In this report you will understand how the postural inputs are transmitted from the occlusion to the rest of the body, and how this principle is used by Starecta to correct structural asymmetries.

The concept expressed in this report is an integral part of the theory which Starecta is based on. In this explanation, you will understand not only how the Starecta’s Rectifier transmits symmetrical inputs from the occlusion to the body, but also why your body is asymmetrical and from where the asymmetrical inputs originate when you have a bad skull-mandibular correlation.

Asymmetry is generated by a fundamental factor: the skull affects the jaw because the teeth are not sufficiently extruded.

We have already seen in the materials and in the books that the skull tends to drown because of a bad dental extrusion or poorly done orthodontic work. When the skull drowns, it presses on the cervical vertebrae and consequently on the entire spine. So the space of the spine is reduced and it tends to sag. We have repeated this concept several times and so we do not need to futher deepen. How the skull sinks


But what happens at the level of the occlusion? It must be said that our jaw has an imposing musculature. The muscular bands around the jaw (masseters, temporal muscles, ioid muscles and tongue…) are stronger than the muscles of the leg, indeed they are the most powerful muscles of the human body, and they work synergistically to develop a very important force. These muscular bands make the occlusion occur (swallowing and chewing).


The force applied by the teeth during the swallowing act is about 30kg, for a duration of 685 milliseconds. Now imagine what it means to the body when these muscle bands are activated. Over 24 hours, 1500-2000 swallowing acts are carried out, so a force of 2000kg is exerted throughout the oral cavity over the course of the entire day.

This very powerful input, which is poured on all the underlying structures, gives a symmetrical signal (if you wear the rectifier) or asymmetrical (if you have a bad skull-mandibulad correlation).

If the spine is crooked, due to the collapse of the skull, the body receives an imposing input from swallowing that causes it to collapse in that posture. So whenever we swallow or tighten the occlusion, the body receives an input, and if the body is asymmetrical, that asymmetry is confirmed and reiterated, making it more and more structural.

It happens exactly the opposite when we have a good skull-mandibular correlation: in this case the symmetrical signal is confirmed. So if you have a bad skull-mandibualr correlation, you can be sure that at any swallowing act your posture is damaged even further, even if you do postural exercises or you go to the chiropractor.

Basically, there is nothing to do for you but to wear the Starecta’s Rectifier, correct the skull-mandibular correlation, and then correct the swallowing signal.

To deepen this topic you can read: How Correct Posture is Transferred from the Teeth to the Rest of the Body

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