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Meet the team behind the company.


Valerio Quatrano (Founder)

I never had much hope that my back with its S-shape and torsion would straighten out. Nobody was able to solve my problem. Then I began to study the Starecta Method. Now I have a straight, healthy back. Every day I deepen my knowledge of this method. I founded Starecta to let everyone know about this marvellous method.

valerioquatrano[at] (Contact me for technical issues only)


We have used this method on ourselves and now we want to share it with the world.



Moreno Conte (Founder)

Student of sport science, expert in balancing and biomechanics. I was about to die, but happily this method allowed me to straighten myself out. From that moment on I have never stopped studying, deepening and improving the concepts that I applied to myself. I won’t be satisfied until the whole world is in balance.

morenoconte[at] (Contact for Starecta method issues only)

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