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03 Mar


Try The Amazing Body Sensations That Only The Rectifier™ Can Give To Those Wearing It Even Just For One Week

3 March 2015 | By |


Join the closed circle of those who are balancing their bodies with the Rectifier ™, solving their problems and achieving incredible results in sports and life.

Once you wear the Rectifier ™ you will not be able to do without it anymore, because this incredible device, that you can DIY at home with our help, will give you right away a fantastic feeling!

You will immediately feel an incredible sensation of support and balance. You won’t feel the weight of your head anymore; indeed you will feel as if it was pulled up, just as if there was a wire.

Not to mention the fantastic sensation of feeling your shoulders relaxed and not having any more pain in the neck. Shoulders, neck, back and pelvis will be freed forever from the pain and will gain incredible mobility and agility.

A mix of incredible and fantastic sensations that you can experience simply while sitting in front of your computer. Sitting correctly and effortlessly has never been so easy; indeed, for the first time in your life you will actually experience this as a pleasant feeling.


Eventually you will not need anymore those harmful painkillers, anti-inflammatory and the rest of the drugs you were prescribed to reduce pain and discomfort.

You will be able to benefit of all these wonderful feelings right away and it will be impossible for you to get rid of the Rectifier ™. If you continue to use it, over time the benefits in your body, will increase dramatically. In fact, the Rectifier ™ not only eliminates the majority of your symptoms immediately, but it balances your body bringing it to a symmetry condition and giving you the chance to achieve maximum psycho-physical potential.

But how do I figure out what’s going on in my body while wearing the Rectifier™? The sensations you feel after you’ve worn the Rectifier™ are the same as when you exercise in the gym or you do another sport. You will feel your muscles getting longer, stretching. It’s a feeling of continuous stretching, from head to toe.

Basically, what’s happening is that your muscles are becoming finally symmetrical. After years of asymmetry you are finally straightening your body.


The Rectifier™ also helps you to perform all the tasks that you are passionate about!
After wearing the Rectifier™ playing football, basketball or simply keeping focused in front of your PC will be much simpler and less energy-consuming because all your muscles will work in harmony and symmetry. In short, you’ll literally be a step ahead the others.

If you are a bodybuilder you’ll be envied by all your friends in the gym that will want to know the secret of your body symmetry and harmony. Finally the tasks that you had set won’t be any longer an impossible dream but they will become a reality because your Rectifier™ constantly puts your body in balance in a totally natural way.

This is not science fiction, but pure biomechanics. This is the biomechanics theory underpinning Starecta and its revolutionary method.


I have seen people spending their lives wearying with exhausting and pointless exercises in the gym, with Yoga or Pilates without satisfactory results. The problem is that none of the methods normally used to correct your posture actually work. The only solution is balancing your body.

Whether you want to have beautiful high and firm buttocks or symmetrical abdominals or simply more strength and endurance, just balance your body and this will make it incredibly harmonious and healthy. You’ll be a step ahead everyone because you’ll make your body like a Lamborghini, able to achieve exceptional performances never reached before in terms of beauty, efficiency and durability.

Let’s focus now on another of the many beneficial effects of your Rectifier™: eventually you’ll get a symmetrical face.

To figure out if you’re symmetrical or not just look into the mirror; if you have one eye more closed than the other, a cheekbone more developed than the other or a crooked nose, then you are part of the great club (a very large club) of asymmetric people. The Rectifier™ will make your face extremely symmetrical, like models or movie actors. The soft parts of the face will get in harmony on your skull as if you were adjusting a creased shirt. Same thing will happen in your whole body.

Rectifier sensations

To let you understand how powerful the Rectifier™ is, simply think that, thanks to the biomechanical properties that it will give to the whole body, you will be able to solve a disabling problem such as sleep apnoea! In fact, thanks to the Rectifier™, all your face muscles will work in symmetry.

The feelings and the amazing benefits of the Rectifier™ depart from the head, go through the body and come down to your feet.

Besides, with your Rectifier™ you will solve a number of other psychological problems such as panic attacks, anxiety, feelings of depersonalization, bipolar disorder, etc. In short, the Rectifier™ supports your head and your psyche.

You will have the needed support from the Starecta community where you will find other people like you and me who had an incredible will to live and to achieve their results in their lives.

You’ll find people who wanted to solve debilitating symptoms such as pain in the neck and shoulders, others who wanted to finally straighten their back, others who wanted to become successful in sport and others who wanted to achieve symmetry and beauty. In short, you’ll meet all these people just like you that are using their Rectifier™.

Stop going around with that crooked, bad and ugly back! Stop going around with that asymmetric face! Stop suffering needlessly or spending lots of money in harmful drugs and useless therapies! For years, you’ve been wasting your time, money and energies.

Balance your body and make it attractive, healthy and strong. Solve those annoying symptoms and get ready to achieve that sport result, get that job or conquer that girl.

Start getting into our communities where we’ll give you all the instructions.

If you want you can download the free e-book and fully understand this theory:


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